Above-Normal 2019 Florida Hurricane Season Update

NOAA's Climate Prediction Center increases chance for "above-normal" in 2019 Florida hurricane season update.

On August 8th, 2019 forecasters for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a 2019 Florida hurricane season update saying "conditions are now more favorable for above-normal hurricane activity" during the 2019 Florida hurricane season.

CPC's updated forecasts for the 2019 Florida hurricane season are as follows:

  • A thirty-five percent [35%] chance of a near-normal season
  • A forty-five percent [45%] chance of an above-normal season
  • A twenty percent [20%] chance of a below-normal season
  • Ten to seventeen [10-17] named storms (winds of thirty-nine [39] mph or greater)
  • Five to nine [5-9] hurricanes (winds of seventy-four [74] mph or greater)
  • Two to four [2-4] major hurricanes (winds of one-hundred-eleven [111] mph or greater)

(For reference, an average hurricane season produces twelve [12] named storms, six [6] hurricanes, and three [3] major hurricanes.)

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A NOAA graphic showing updated 2019 Florida hurricane season probability and numbers of named storms.

NOAA notes this increase in likelihood of an above-normal season is due to three factors:

  • The current Pacific Ocean El Nino has ended returning conditions to neutral
  • Conditions associated with the ongoing high-activity Atlantic hurricane era (1995-present) are more conducive
  • Landfall predictions are only accurate within about a week of a storm potentially reaching a coastline

Two named storms have already formed so far this year, and we are just now entering the peak months of the 2019 Florida hurricane season. Historically, 95% of all hurricanes and major hurricanes occur between August and October. 

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An NOAA graphic showing updated 2019 Florida hurricane season tropical cyclone names selected by the World Meteorological Organization.

Get ready now and share the message:

  • Determine your vulnerability to hurricane storm surge, inland flooding, and strong winds
  • Develop an evacuation plan and ensure your disaster supply kit is ready
  • Acquire enough supplies to last several days
  • Document and share your evacuation plan with friends and family
  • Communicate with your neighbors about their plans as well
  • Call Tint Heaven now to schedule your no cost Comfort Survey. 

Sources: NOAA increases chance for above-normal hurricane season2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season OutlookTropical Cyclone Climatology.

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