Care and Maintenance of Window Film

Below are the five most important steps you can take to properly care for and maintain the window tint on your car, home, or facility. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this information please contact us at any time.

Care and Maintenance

1. Appearance
During film installation we remove as much of the installation solution as possible, but a trace amount will still remain during the initial curing period. This may result in small water bubbles appearing, and a "haziness" or "fogginess" in the film immediately after installation. This is normal and should be expected. Film type and climate conditions will determine the length of drying time you experience. Warm weather and direct sunlight will shorten the drying time; while cooler climates, cloudy conditions, and thicker films may prolong it. Complete curing time may vary from a few days to 6 months, but rest assured the trapped moisture will dry out completely leaving a crystal clear view.
2. Cleaning Window Film
Window film is less porous than glass, will not accumulate dirt as quickly as glass, and is easier to clean. A simple solution of water with a couple drops of mild dishwashing detergent will suffice for most pollutants, or isopropyl alcohol straight out of the bottle is great if more aggressive cleaning is necessary. Although commercial glass cleaning products are acceptable, products with ammonia or vinegar can damage the scratch-resistant coating on the film over time and should be avoided. Further, it is extremely important to use only soft cloths like a t-shirt or Bounty paper towel to wipe off your cleaning solution.
3. Window Film Maintenance
Although there is no maintenance required for the film to perform as expected, there are some steps that can be taken to keep the film looking new for many years. On interior films, occasionally use a silicone polish such as Plexus Plastic Cleaner to provide a lustrous surface to the film. This will also prevent most instances of unexpected scratching or burnishing which could happen to the film throughout its lifetime.
4. Tape Removal from Film
If adhesive tape is ever applied to the film and needs to be removed, simply peel it off as though it is on the glass. If there is residual adhesive left behind, this can be removed with a soft cloth and mineral spirits or alcohol. If the adhesive is unusually stubborn, then methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) or acetone may be used with a soft cloth.
5. Cleaning Exterior Window Film
In many cases, exterior window film is cleaned by professional window cleaning companies. Never clean filmed windows with bristle brushes or abrasive cloths. This is not necessary and will damage the film possibly voiding the warranty. A soft cloth with a mild solution of detergent and water as mentioned above is all that is needed. It is also permissable to squeegee off the rise water.