Architectural Window Tinting Products

Armorcoat Clear Series Safety Films

Armorcoat Clear Series Safety Films are optically clear, colorless, and undetectable on glass. The resilient layers of high-tensile polyester, aggressive adhesives, ultraviolet inhibitors and scratch-resistant coatings provide exceptional blast mitigation and impact resistant capabilities – with thicker films offering greater protection. Not only do these films help hold broken shards in place, the ultraviolet inhibitors help protect your merchandise and valuables against fade damage while maintaining the natural...

Armorcoat Solar Series Safety Films

Armorcoat Solar Series Safety Films are tinted to provide additional sun related benefits, beyond ultraviolet protection. These films include a metalized layer of polyester, sputter-coated with durable, exotic metals for exceptional, solar control performance capabilities and color. In addition to glass retention, they’re selected for their ability to offer privacy, balance temperatures, minimize eye-straining glare, and help preserve furnishings and merchandise. Protect your occupants and property while keeping them...

Decorative Films

Decorative Films - including clear frost, black opaque, and white opaque - give any space a customized look and feel.

Key Benefits

  • Refresh bland spaces
  • Increase privacy in conference rooms or offices
  • Improve visibility of glass doors and partitions
  • Combine with ComputerCut system to create custom graphics


Graffitigard protective film is a durable, optically clear, and removable product that acts as a sacrificial barrier between vandals and the surfaces they cover.

Solar Gard’s Graffitigard protective film is a durable, optically clear and removable product that acts as a sacrificial barrier between vandals and the surfaces they cover, including interior and exterior glass windows and mirrors, as well as other non-porous surfaces like stainless steel and marble. The unnoticeable film protects surfaces from paint, key scratches,...

Quantum Series Films

Quantum Series Films offer high heat and glare rejection and are available in safety tint thicknesses for the added protection against accidental breakage or forced entry.

The patented Quantum tints are fully metallized for maximum heat control and color stability. Unlike conventional tints which comprise dyed layers, Quantum tints are warranted to never change color for the life of your office or building in commercial applications.

Quantum tints offer high heat and glare rejection and are available in safety tint...

Sentinel Plus OSW Films


Sentinel Plus OSW Films are designed to be an external sentry for buildings protecting them from high levels of heat, glare, and UV. For opportunities where the risks of glass breakage and/or seal failure are too high, or where accessibility to the interior is unavailable, OSW films provide the perfect solution.

Sentinel Plus is Solar Gard’s range of exterior window films – which provide maximum heat rejection by being the first line of defense against solar heat...

Silver AG Low-E Series Films

Silver AG Series Films can reduce your building’s energy consumption during both cold and warm periods, providing year round energy and cost savings.

Silver AG series products have all of the benefits of the Silver series with the addition of a Low-E property – which helps to keep the heat in in the winter.

Key Benefits

  • Has a low emissivity – preventing heat from escaping through your windows in the Winter
  • High heat rejection and low emissivity combine for attractive commercial...

Silver Series Films

Silver Series Films include a wide variety of films, constructed of rare and precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze. This series offers optimum privacy with minimal heat transmitting into your environment. A popular choice for commercial properties.

Silver series products are constructed by sputtering thin layers of precious metals onto film. This results in a line of reflective films that provide high privacy and heat rejection while maintaining optical clarity.

Night Scene (Grey/Silver/Grey 10) is one of...

Solar Bronze Series Films

Solar Bronze Series Films add a warm copper finish to architectural windows, harmonizing with natural, earthy color schemes. These films provide high heat rejection and excellent privacy while still maintaining decent levels of natural light. Add sophistication and beauty to your property with Solar Bronze.

Key Benefits

  • Warm copper finish refreshes building aesthetics
  • High heat rejection improves indoor comfort
  • Increased privacy for building occupants
  • Protect people and...

Stainless Steel Series Films

Stainless Steel Series Films are a widely accepted solar-solution for buildings around the globe. These films are grey-toned with a low reflective quality that makes them a natural complement to most interior and exterior color schemes. The stainless steel metal, laminating adhesives and scratch-resistant coating used in this film series provide high performance, durability and longevity – making it the preferred choice of many.

Stainless Steel products have a neutral grey tone that complements any color scheme. They...

TrueVue Series Films

TrueVue Series Films provide optimum clarity for stunning exterior views day and night. Backed by a lifetime residential warranty or 12-year commercial warranty, TrueVue is available in four different shades to provide clients with a choice in visual appearance and solar performance.

TrueVue products are ‘dual reflective’ – reflective on the outside to maximize heat rejection and neutral on the inside to maintain views.

Key Benefits

  • Reflective exterior maximizes heat rejection resulting in excellent...

ULR Series Films

Ultra Low Reflection (ULR) Series Films contain no metals providing very low visible reflectance inside and out.

ULR, Solar Gard’s newest architectural window film, offers impressive TSER from a high-VLT, non-metallized film.

Made of authentic nanotechnology, it provides great optical clarity and is color-stable. Backed by a lifetime residential or 12-year commercial warranty, ULR is available in three different shades to provide your customers with a choice in visual appearance and solar performance. ULR, Solar Gard’s...