TrueVue Series Films

TrueVue Series Films provide optimum clarity for stunning exterior views day and night. Backed by a lifetime residential warranty or 12-year commercial warranty, TrueVue is available in four different shades to provide clients with a choice in visual appearance and solar performance.

TrueVue products are ‘dual reflective’ – reflective on the outside to maximize heat rejection and neutral on the inside to maintain views.

Key Benefits

  • Reflective exterior maximizes heat rejection resulting in excellent energy savings and payback time
  • Low interior reflectance maintains views to the outside, especially at night
  • Contains our darkest product which can reduce glare by up to 94%
  • UV blockers protect people and property from damaging UV rays

Film Options and Performance

Product Name Visible Light Transmittance Visible Light Reflectance Exterior Total Solar Energy Rejected
TrueVue 5 5% 45% 82%
TrueVue 40 39% 14% 51%
TrueVue 30 31% 22% 61%
TrueVue 15 12% 45% 80%

Warranty Info

Warranty Info Residential Term Commercial Term Color Change Warranty
TrueVue Product Warranty Limited Lifetime Twelve [12] Years No